As Steve Jobs put it “Your time is limited. Don’t waste it…”. We absolutely agree with his words and consequently, we are going to spend our time making something meaningful for the humanity. First of all, we would like to demonstrate the incomparable Iphone monument to the world. You will have a chance to enjoy this modern art creation and to evaluate the splendor of its forms and the uniqueness of its curves. As we decided to expand the very significance of contemporary art and make it more socially oriented, we are going to follow a people-first strategy. So, secondly, we see our mission in helping children in need and young generation around the world to get good education, acquire necessary skills and develop their talents so that they can become assertive and self-reliant in future. We also observe the frightening level of frustration, depression and even suicidal impulses among young people. That is why to tackle this problem we decided to start a new youth program that will provide psychological support and teach young people how to become self-confident, how to set goals and achive them, how to be successful in business and relationship. The charitable fund will be established by raising money from web-exhibition and further selling of the monument to the investor. The mission implementation and all our activity you can observe and comment on our Youtube channel, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Moreover, as we announce our project to be a social one, you have a unique opportunity to say your word in the distribution of aid. Participate in online free voting on our website and we guarantee, that your voice will be heard. We can not change the world for the better, but we can try to make a better world for a particular person. Thank you for joining us.