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Charity & Art organization


We see much injustice, lies, deceit and betrayal in life

Just like you we strive to make life of people better

We come to a place where no one expects any help

The main goal and direction of our company is art and charity

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Our goal is to help people who are neglected, got lost in life, had an accident or simply experience a difficult situation.

In the modern world there is a terrifying tendency, that there are a lot of people (7.8 billion), but everyone plays by their own rules. Only the strongest survive, that is the law of the stone jungle.

Everyone has the fear of tomorrow, not knowing what could be and what will be. Some find the strength to go forward, while others unfortunately fall into the abyss.

As the life goes, a person can be strong and on the top today but tomorrow his life may be destroyed and fall into pieces.

We want to announce ourselves to the world and also remind people of the tremendous power that human unity and support can have.


We change the very understanding of contemporary art

Eight years ago, one of our shareholders got a crazy idea that he wanted to make a reality. In 2011, one of the greatest and unique innovators of our time, Steve Jobs, passed away.

You all know this legendary man and his contribution to the development of humanity. Everyone loved him and today he is considered to be a symbol of success and innovation.

Unfortunately, he was not able to present the iPhone 4S personally.

We found a unique material, the tree which is more than 100 Million years old. We found a sculptor who was inspired to create this monument. (His personality will be disclosed a bit later.)

We were delighted with the result that appeared to exceed all our expectations. In contemporary art still there is no one who can name the price.

In our project this piece of art symbolizes hope and help to people who are in need.

The planet Earth is home to 7,825,000,000 billion people.

More than 3.885 billion use the Internet.

If at least 1% (38,850,000) of people support our project.

We can make 1000 lives better or even more…

The goal is to raise by the end of this year



Our project was created by people and for people


Only we can do this

The key difference of our company is that we will keep records of every person we help

Our goal is to unite as many people as possible and show what incredible things you can do with just 2,99€.

Our project was created by people and for people. As soon as you make a contribution of 2,99€ and support modern art and our idea, you immediately become a part of our great team - it means that if you get in trouble and need help, we’ll be there to support you!

We believe that every person deserves to live a happy life with dignity.

We really hope that you will like this idea and you will support us. Only together we can do this.


We make a difference by keeping record of every person we help


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OUR LOCATION: Vilnius, Lithuania.